Zeytin 2017 Projected Art Module

Derya Ülker
Perception, Creativity, Art, Design, Learning

1- Can we find a basic model for design? Can we use nature or organic objects to create art objects?
2- Do we observe the space? Do we see the object only or do we see it with its space?
3- How can we interact and be more free while  creating?
4- What color is olive or olive oil? How do we see and define the colors? How can we deepen a research?
5- Critical thinking or repeating what is learned?
6- Is accumulative learning a method for our body?

1- A comprehension of Gestalt theory and scientific facts. Creating a model of senses by experiment. Comparing science- social science- art. 
2- Cut out game for tectonic(closed) and atectonic (open) forms. Claireobscure painting game by using simple highlights and shadows technique.
3- Cadavre Exquisite game, surrealist play for interaction, not planning the solution, surprising outcomes, talking about irrational or automatist methods.  drawing the plants that we observed during daily trips, trying to find the neighbours of olive trees, understanding the unity. Drawing a new plant torso.
4- Which green? Selecting the green form Munsell color chart, determining our "greens" or other colors representing olive, obtaining a color and language index for olive.
5- Redrawing the hieroglyphics or old coins
6- Dancing

Sketchbook, paper, pencil, pen, ink and brush, scissors, colored paper, bristol paper, cotton fabrics, color charts, speakers and music


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