Zeytin 2017 Projected Ethnography Module

Projected Ethnography Module for Egede Atölye, June 22-28, İnecik, İzmir, Turkey
Facilitator: Meltem Türköz
Materials needed: Camera, phone recorder or voice recorder, notebook and pen, and curiosity!

A.    Questions and topics:
How/what can we learn about a community through their food and food customs and from the way they talk about food?
The development of food studies and foodways in anthropology and folklore
Food as a way to think about nature and nurture, about the biological and the cultural aspect of our lives
Is food a gift or commodity? What are the principles by which food and olives circulate inside and outside the community?

B.    Student activities
The value, meanings and role of olives and olive oil in İnecik in historical perspective
Students will explore how olives and olive oil are represented within a broader cultural context.  What is Food? When, where, how, with whom do you eat? (reading: like an extra virgin)
Are there male tasks and female tasks in food preparation and consumption and exchange? How does gender shape food preparation and consumption?
Students will use observation and open-ended interviews to explore the role of olives and olive oil in the lives and memories of residents.
Collected life stories/interviews (with informed consent), will be used to perform or present a group project.
C.    Learning outcomes
Students will become familiar with field, terminology and selected figures in food studies
Students will be able to understand the relevance of food studies to their daily life
Students will be able to use the terminology and concepts to interpret food-related interview data
Students will be able to articulate these interpretations in short texts and presentations

Selected Readings: Scanned copies and hard copies will be available
Sidney Mintz, 1985. Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History (excerpt).
James Carrier. Gifts and Commodities : Exchange and Western Capitalism Since 1700 (excerpt)

THE CULINARY TRIANGLE, What can Claude Lévi-Strauss teach us about food fads today? http://thesmartset.com/article07181301/


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